Thursday, September 12, 2013

Newsies, Blue Man Group, and Peter and the Starcatcher

Mine, Amanda's Kyle's -- we each got shirts at our fave shows

On our wonderful trip to NYC, we squeezed 3 shows into 3 1/2 days in the city. It was amazing!

We saw Newsies at the Nederlander Theater. It was what Amanda was most looking forward to seeing, and she wasn't disappointed. It was Kyle's first show, and he was thrilled (even though he was skeptical going into it). We saw an 8pm show, and I was worried that he'd fall asleep, but the show held his interest. The excitement of a live show kept his adrenaline pumping, I think.

I wouldn't say that it's one of my favorite shows ever (but I've seen a lot of shows), but I did like it. The story was pretty good, and the dancing was amazing. It was a good first experience for Kyle, with the action of the dancing and the cast made of up young guys (I don't think Amanda minded that either). We even waited at the stage door so she could see her favorite, Crutchie. We weren't close enough for her to get a picture with him, but she did get his autograph.

My favorite of the three was Peter and the Starcatcher. Please read my full review over at 5 Minutes for Books (as a part of our books on screen stage feature). I think it was the 2nd favorite of each of the kids, enjoyed by all of us.

I would have probably opted for another musical as a 3rd pick, but I was pretty sure that the kids, and Kyle in particular, would like the Blue Man Group, and they did. It was fun, and it was definitely an experience. It's crazy, funny, performance art. The Vegas, New York, and Orlando shows are all different. This small venue made it an even cooler experience, and the 3 blue men were waiting to take pictures with anyone who wanted them right after the show.

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